Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Giving Myself A Mulligan

A turn on the days events.

I visited my husbands grandmother and grandfather. Taking their granddaughter and 2 great-grand children with me. We chatted and snacked together and according to Ian, Great-grandpa buys the best cookies. On the other hand, Great-grandma wouldn't let me help in the garden because the mosquito's are too thick. I did make the honest offer. I didn't do too bad for an early afternoon.
I then took the kids to see the Cydesdales where me met with friends. The girls climbed trees and practiced cartwheels; the big boys played cars with Ian. There isn't anything like living in a small town. I will say that if we ever get the chance to have the horses here again, I'll have my kids go with friends while Toby and I will watch from Ray's, which is a very good Place.

Today was all too Americana and lovely.

Tomorrow is all planned. Polly and I are I am going swimming with the kids. Another day of not being terribly Martha like. But I've promised to make pack a picnic - Okay, at least some sort of snack and I'll make dinner too. If I get out of bed at a reasonable hour, I could even do laundry and make pancakes. After all, my alarm goes off at 5:00 so husband can get to work on time...

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