Thursday, January 7, 2010

CONTEST! Running from ASAP until January 31

Okay, I'm desparate - Just look at my shop.
Funny thing is, I'm a good photographer. That is if I am outdoors and my subject is flower or fauna. If my subject is a pair of pearl earrings or a charm bracelet, I'm sunk.

So here is the CONTEST

I want any and all ideas for taking winning etsy shop photos.

I am not the only one that needs help, so I think this will be a winner for everyone involved. I need better lighting - any tips? Because my windows and indoor lighting are not enough. I need a better backdrop for jewelry. Apparently, a white sheet is too bland and the light bounces off of it in an odd way. And I need a lesson on display for etsy - I just need HELP!

Post all of your ideas for taking great etsy photos - I will try every idea and then post my photos here, I will also use the idea in my shop on a regular basis.

Who wins? I will choose a winner from a combination of reader feedback and views I get in etsy.
What is the prize you ask? Everyone that lists a winning idea will receive a pearl charm bracelet.

Thanks and Good Luck!


  1. I am no expert either...but here are some tips I have learned from good photographers/online research:

    -Sunrise and sunset are the two best lights, the middle of the day is too bright and a flash can be too overbearing. I take all of my pics outside, an hour or so before it gets dark.

    -When taking close-ups, use the macro function of your digital camera (this has made a world of difference in my photos). On most (maybe all?) digital cameras, it is the option that looks like a little flower.

    -Download Picasa and use it to get the correct lighting on your pictures.

    -Practice, Practice, Practice! The best thing about digital photography is that you can take a hundred pictures and not feel like you are wasting film.

    -That's all I've pictures aren't the best, but I am always trying to improve. Good luck!

  2. I'm still working on re-vamping my photos as well! Here are some tips that I've heard from other Etsy sellers and are currently trying myself:

    1. Use a mannequin or jewelry display for displaying jewelry and apparel. Or use a live model. Both will show how the item looks when it's actually worn, not just laid out on a table.

    2. Use morning sunlight outside or by a window for the best color. If using studio lights, use a daylight gel or a daylight bulb. Natural light is the best light.

    3. Your background should be as simple as possible. Use a light tent or studio backdrop if shooting indoors. Find a scenic but not distracting spot if shooting outdoors.

    4. Shoot your product using multiple angles. This shows every aspect of your product and does not leave the customer wondering. Any doubt might send them away.

    5. Edit photos using Photoshop or Lightroom. No photo is the perfect color balance or exposure. Edit the color balance, levels, brightness and contrast to depict the most accurate colors and detail.

    That's about it! I hope that helps! And I'd love to see if I win :)

    Courtney (NonpareilSoleil)