Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain Waters Roses

Okay, I decided the rain could water the roses and I'll feed them next week. I do have a survivalist attitude towards gardening.
I finished everything else on my list, made that amazing dinner I planned and did laundry. Which I even put away! Thankfully, friends of my kids came to play because I didn't have to to do anything with them other than make lunch.
If I keep up this schedule, I'll have to take back the whole great mama thing.
Cleaning is very good exercise. Who knew? Every muscle knows I didn't spend my day playing trains and Barbies.

I spent this morning meandering the local Farmers Market and visiting with friends and neighbors. How Martha is that?! This was my first moment to myself all week. Later today I'll go to the library and get a book or two by Martha and see about getting her January Magazine. I want to see what she has planned for the year... It's time to imbrace more Martha besides a clean house and great food.

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