Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comments you Never Imaging Saying to Your Kids

"Don't put your tongue on that pooollle!!!!"

My Elly is one smart kid. She can read a Junie B. Jones 1st Grader in record time. She can subtract multiple didget numbers asnd she has always followed common sense. Until last night, that is.

After a family Christmas party at Uncle Brians church; we were helping the more elderly members of our family get their cars and get safely into them. From across teh parking lot, I noticed my kids playing in an island garden. "Good", I think, "Safe from cars and not complaining". All is good.

Until I see my 7 year old walk up to the flag pole. Face forward. Tongue out. OMG!
She jumped a mile and fell into the snow in a fit of giggles when she heard me yell out. That is one Christmas story I really don't want in my own family.

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