Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Did you light your path and put out goodies for the wee creatures?

At our house, we light our front path, have window candles and we make sure the birds, deer (yes, even here in town), squirrels and even the raccoons have all have tasty dishes to eat.

We have fresh suet with seeds and berries and we fill our bird feeders, put out nuts, orange slices and thin slices of a special sunflower bread that my friend Gina makes every winter. And since it is so cold, we have our bird bath plugged in. If you ever come across a small bird bath that fits on a deck rail and plugs in to keep it from freezing; buy it! You won't regret spending the $20.00, the birds and smaller animals make use of it every day.

Happy winter solstice everyone!

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