Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updating the etsy Shop - Already

After the excitement of having a sale, I've been making new pieces and trying to have face time on the forums. I've learned quite a lot over the past few days and one of those things is that I need to take better photos. I am sooo trying to do that, but it is a burr in my side. And I've decided to re-set my prices. I don't have an issue with pricing at the B&M, Uniquely Yours, here in town, but Internet pricing is different.So at DulciesDaughters you will find all earrings under $15.00 and bracelets under $20.00. Necklaces and vintage will continue to to be varied but prices will always be fair.Hopefully this will continue the sales... I'm keeping my fingers crossed and getting to work.

Vintage Upcycle Necklace

Vintage GrannySquare Sweater

Another upcycle necklace from a freshwater pearl cluster earring with glass beads added

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